Miley Cyrus is in the news, again. Like we told you, Miley has been breaking the Internet again after she was spotted kissing Stella Maxwell, a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Pictures of the actress-singer and the model smooching have gone viral on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook, and now the full video of the act is also available. Mail Online and some other YouTubers have posted a full video of Miley Cyrus trying to hug Stella Maxwell, and kissing her all the way. See the video here!

We can clearly see Miley kissing Stella (the left one is Miley), as they lean against the parked truck. Moments later, the two kissers realise that some people are probably filming them, and so they try to step away. We think they will get into a car, but Miley and Stella continue their smoochathon behind another car!

What’s interesting is that the man seen in the video is least bothered! He has probably seen it a few times before and is not affected by seeing two women kissing. Here’s the full video of Miley Cyrus kissing Stella Maxwell!