There are few characters in the tennis world who are as much fun as Novak Djokovic. The Wibledon 2015 champion isn’t known Djoker for nothing. His off-tennis antics has often had tennis fans in splits. Beyond all that he brings to the game of tennis with his superb play, he is an extremely funny and entertaining character. (Also Read: Leander Paes on Wimbledon title – Among my most special wins)

In this video, he stops his car which is headed towards the Wimbledon Ball, celebrated by the male and female champion of Wimbledon  of that respective year, and says ‘Hi’ to Leander Paes who is giving an interview to a news channel. While Paes says, “You inspire me”, Djokovic replies saying, “You inspire me always.”

Leader Paes then gives a pleasant tribute to the world number one and says that beyond beinmg a champion tennis player, Djokovic is also a wonderful human being. Watch the full video and let us know what you think. Drop in your views and suggestions on the comments section below. If you like the video, share it with friends via social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.