The Furious 7 extended trailer starts out with Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto) reminding Paul Walker and the rest of the team to remember what they need to do. The team is scared but ready to do the job that they are prepared for except one weak link, Tyrese Gibson (Roman Pearce). Ludacris (Tej) bets the others that Roman is freaking out and he really is. The alarm goes off and they are all set to pull off another job as the a military aircraft full of heavily tuned cars drops from the plane.

Dominic goes first followed by the team keeping a safe distance so that they don’t collide mid-air but Roman doesn’t reverse his car. Tej has a surprise for him. They have parachutes of course as they take on an armored RV and successfully pull off the job, the package is an unknown woman but suddenly something goes wrong. The RV skids out of control on its side towards a cliff and the stunt by Paul Walker assisted by Michelle Rodriguez is the best drift you will see. Here’s the extended Furious 7 trailer.