Oops it happened again. The excitement of the Eastwatch, fifth episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 is still settling down till the internet janta woke up to other enthralling news. The Game of Thrones Season 7 Full Episode 6 leaked taking the social media by storm. Unlike the last time, the HBO are themselves to blame for the grim mistake. HBO Spain aired the sixth episode of the current season ‘by mistake’ five days before the scheduled telecast date. The sixth episode of Game of Thrones season 7 titled ‘Death Is the Enemy’ is directed by Alan Taylor and of 71 minutes time duration. The next episode was available for free download, rebroadcasted on YouTube for watch online for free options as well. A Reddit thread containing several screenshots, clips and GIFs (meaning full of spoilers) is running loose, something you dread considering you are yet to watch the episode.

The viewers are busy decoding everything from Cersie’s pregnancy to Sansa’s letter but it looks like GoT is soon moving from ‘Winter is Coming’ to ‘Piracy is Rising’. When the fourth episode of the fantasy drama television series, titled “The Spoils of War” leaked online, the Time Warner-owned cable network HBO had the hackers to blame. But not this time around. HBO Spain had accidentally made the sixth episode of penultimate season air on Monday AEST, available to subscribers. This massive mistake was pointed out by GoT fans on Reddit who shared links to watch it online in the thread full of spoilers. This episode leak is not part of infamous HBO hack making it even worse on the studio’s part for their turmoil.

The sixth episode of Game of Thrones season 7 titled ‘Death Is the Enemy’ is directed by Alan Taylor and from the screenshots; one can confirm it to be a genuine episode. The 1 hour and 11 minutes episode were reportedly online for an hour before being removed. Many Redditors commented watching the episode with live streaming on Twitch and YouTube before the links were taken down. According to the media reports, few low-quality audio versions videos are still available on few websites. Meanwhile, the original Reddit thread is full of spoilers giving details about the sixth episode.

Earlier, this month when episode four of the present season titled The Spoils of War, was leaked online, the internet went berserk. In relation to the malicious work, four individuals were arrested on suspicion of leaking the episode. According to police, three of the accused work for Star India’s technology vendor Prime Focus Technologies, a Mumbai-based company that processes the series for Indian streaming website Hotstar while the fourth is a former employee. Despite the leak, the fourth episode The Spoils of War became the most watched out episode ever, something HBO and related partners would hope with Death Is the Enemy! (Edited By: Rashmi Mishra).