Winter is coming early this year; actually it will premiere in summer itself. The season 7 premiere date of HBO’s massive hit and popular show Game of Thrones has finally been revealed. The seventh and the penultimate season will premiere on July 16, 2017. The announcement was revealed on the show’s Facebook page in a live video where a block of ice was melted by a flaming torch. Fans were asked to leave comments with the word “fire” or “dracarys” to speed up the melting. The live videos had fetched around 3 million views and around 109,000 reactions with over 19000 shares. The block of ice upon melting revealed the date of the premier that is July 16, 2017.

Production on the show Game of Thrones had delayed the premiere of the series. The show usually premiered in April. It was delayed to capture the weather the producers wanted. Production of the show is based in Northern Ireland, with additional portions filmed in Spain and Iceland. The later airdate will be detrimental for the show as it will miss the eligibility window for the upcoming 2017 Emmys. Game of Thrones had been a big winner at the Emmy. It scored 23 Emmy nominations last year, winning 12 in total, including Best Drama. Season 7 of Game of Thrones will consist of seven episodes with Season 8 being the last season will have 6 or 8 episodes. Although details of the next season is scarce, but a new poster teases a “fire vs. ice” theme.

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