Game of Thrones Season 8 has become the talk of the town since the show has premiered. The fans of GoT sit on the edge of a seat on Monday to watch the latest episode and now with the finale episode to air this Monday, several fan theories and leaks are doing round on social media. The latest one reveals who will sit on the Iron Throne and it is not Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. It also reveals some of the deaths that will be taking place in the last episode.

This also has to be noted that most of the leaks have been shockingly true. From Euron fleet killing Rhaegal to Cersei executing Missandei. Given the credibility of these leaks, it seems we can assume who can sit on the Iron Throne.

SPOILERS AHEAD: As per the Reddit thread, Jon Snow or Daenerys will not sit on the Iron Throne rather a Stark will be sitting on the Iron Throne. The fans’ choice is Sansa Stark or Arya Stark but the throne will be taken over by Brandon Stark and he will be ruling the seven kingdoms.

Jon Snow kills Daenerys:

As per the leak, Jon Snow will stab Daenerys to death following her rampage at the King’s Landing that proved that she became the mad queen by burning it into ashes. Jon Snow will be the ‘Queen Slayer’.

Tyrion’s Death:

Tyrion will be arrested for releasing his brother Jamie Lannister ahead of the King’s Landing attack. He will be put on a trial in a dragon pit. But before he dies, he will turn Jon against the Daenerys.

Bran to Sit on Iron Throne:

A council is formed to decide the rightful king. After Jon returns to Night’s Watch to become the 1,000th Lord Commander and Daenerys death, Tyrion, Davos, Sam and Bronn form the council and everyone votes for Bran. Meanwhile, Arya also leaves the King’s Landing.