During the festive mode of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, we have got a fun fact for all our readers. Do you know that there is a picture of Lord Ganesha encrypted on a 20,000 rupiah note of Indonesia? Don’t get confused as we have the answer to this. Indonesia has a mix population where 87.5% of the people are Muslims and 3% are Hindus, but in most of the places, you’ll see Hindu motifs so much so that, when L.K. Advani visited Jakarta in 2010 he was left awestruck by the healthy respect the Muslim majority has for Hindus and vice versa.

According to the reports, it is believed that Hinduism was followed in Indonesia as far back as the 1st century. The 20,000 Rupiah currency of Indonesia consists of a picture of Lord Ganesha, who is revered as the god of wisdom, art and science.

The currency also has the picture of Ki Hajar Dewantara, who is a celebrated Indonesian independence activist.

PC: Twitter

Recently, film producer of Tumhari Sulu, Tanuj Garg took to Twitter to share a fact about Indonesian currency. He wrote, “Did you know a picture of Lord Ganesha is inscribed on the currency of Indonesia ?”


Not only the currency, but the picturesque beauty of Indonesia involves several historical sites that would immediately convey the Hindu heritage and lineage of the country.

Lord Ganesha is widely regarded as the God of arts, sciences and intellectual wisdom. According to a Quora user, Indian politician Dr Subramanian Swamy once asked the Indonesian Finance Minister about the image of Ganesha on their currency note. The minister explained that in 1997, the currency of several Asian countries was getting devalued. After all the attempts to curb the devaluation failed, somebody suggested adding the image of Ganesha, which will bring good fortune and luckily it worked. The superstition has stuck ever since.