A Garba group in Surat did something totally fantastic to create awareness about road safety. As the central government launched new safety measures and also increased the fine for breaking driving rules, a dance group in Gujarat found an interesting way to promote the initiative. As reported by ANI, the Garba group wore helmets while performing their jig to create awareness about safety rules, especially the importance of wearing helmets. The group performed at the VR Mall in Surat and both male and female dancers beautifully styled helmets with their sparkly traditional Garba dresses.

A video that shows the group performing while wearing helmets is currently going viral on social media. The same was shared by the news agency on Twitter. Watch it here:

While speaking about the decision of wearing a helmet while performing Garba, the group said all the members agreed to utilise the festive time to spread awareness about road safety and came up with this interesting idea. “Wearing helmet, a seatbelt is for one’s own safety and should be followed by all. It should not be a forceful act by the government as it does not benefit them in any way. People should make it a habit to wear a helmet and seatbelt so that they can enjoy all the festivals for a longer time in life,” the group members told the news agency.

Such an innovative way to help the country!