Many of us thought the easiest way to peel garlic is by shaking garlic cloves in a container or smashing garlic cloves on a cutting board, or by soaking them in water or microwaving them. However, on Sunday, a Twitter user posted a video which showed the best and the easiest way to remove cloves from a head of garlic. The video posted on social media shows someone using a knife, or a pointed blade, to stab the individual cloves from the head. In just three days, the video has garnered more than 21 million views.

Twitter user@VPestilenZ captioned the video as, “As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method for getting garlic peeled!” The 25-second footage shows a pair of hands seamlessly removing each clove of garlic from its peel before flicking it into a bowl.


The internet was instantly obsessed with the new method or garlic-peeling technique. Cookbook author and model Chrissy Teigen shared the tweet, commenting, “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT” which mirrored many of the other comments online.

People from around the world have expressed their amazement, responding with comments, memes and videos of their own garlic peeling attempts.

Many of the users also said that this life hack “DOES NOT WORK”.


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