By now the Gauhar Khan getting slapped must have reached most of the ears and everyone has managed to give their point of the view of the pathetic act. So now that the incident seems to have taken a back seat, here is a video by a common man which will make you think about the incident all again. OMG! Ajaz Khan blames Gauhar Khan for getting slapped

He makes a thought -provoking statement in the video where he says that the man who beat Guahar was yet another man who beats up his wife daily and on that day he was on his normal beating spree. He questions the Indian culture which traditionally stops women from wearing short clothes. He says how the older generation was wrong with their traditional approach to daily life occurrences which today poses as a threat to the younger generation.

The problem was then transferred to the next generation who also fed on the same cultural conditioning which made the issue worse. Shashwat Singh in the video explains the same and says why a change in the mindset of people is necessary and stop objectifying women.