Watch the full video as Gauhar Khan, who was slapped by a man on the sets of India’s Raw Star, starts sobbing following the unexpected turn of events. Looking gorgeous as always, Gauhar Khan caught the attention of a man in the crowd, Akil Malik, who came forward to slap the actor as according to him she had worn ‘indecent clothes’. [Also Read: Gauhar Khan slapped: Here are 5 celebrity hosts who deserved to be slapped!]

“Everything was going smooth until someone from the crowd started teasing Gauhar. In her response Gauhar Khan started protesting and the situation started getting uglier. Gauhar started protesting and got into the questioning mode for allegedly being teased. Things then started turning messy and the man in question slapped Gauhar,” a source was quoted as saying.

One of the finalist Jeffrey Iqbal, nonetheless took action on the man who slapped and teased her and started beating her up. In the video, it can be seen Gauhar Khan asking Jeffrey to leave him. Mumbai Police detained the man in question who in his defence said that Gauhar Khan cannot wear such revealing dresses as she belongs to the Muslim community.

The disgusting act yet again puts to question the orthodox and narrow thinking of the people who are more concerned about moral policing in order to salvage the ‘Indian culture’. Worse still, has been the reaction of public at large who have took to social media defending the man and making comments such as ‘Yes, she deserved to be slapped.’ It almost seems that the country is moving backwards by the day. Watch the full video.