Ladies of Bollywood superstar actor Shah Rukh Khan’s family find themselves under fire for their outfit choices a lot recently. We saw online trolls target his teenage daughter Suhana Khan for her pool picture in a bikini or a harmless selfie that revealed a hint of cleavage. In a fresh attack, self-proclaimed moral police targeted Shah Rukh Khan’s wife, Gauri Khan for wearing revealing clothing. The 47-year-old’s decision to go glamorous in a white sheer top while flaunting her pink bra at her husband’s 52nd birthday bash did not go down too well with online janta. Gauri was mercilessly slut-shamed by miffed jobless trolls, reflecting the sick mindset of a section of vile internet crowd. Shah Rukh Khan’s Daughter Suhana Faces Wrath of Sexual Harassers Online: Comments on ‘Cleavage and Boobs’ Will Make Your Blood Boil.

Gauri Khan is more than just a star wife. She is a renowned interior designer and one of the influential producers in Bollywood. So when faceless, jobless and mindless keyboard warriors showed the audacity to question her decision to wear a certain outfit, it comes as a pathetic surprise. Recently, a grand celebration was held in Alibaug to celebrate Gauri’s husband Shah Rukh Khan’s 52nd birthday. The huge bash saw who’s who of Bollywood come together to ring in King Khan’s birthday. Gauri also let her hair down and showed off her chic sense of style.

Gauri Khan Shares Suhana’s Bikini Picture, Gets Trolled Online! Shah Rukh Khan Fans Shut Shamers Down

Gauri Khan Shares Suhana’s Bikini Picture, Gets Trolled Online! Shah Rukh Khan Fans Shut Shamers Down

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Shah Rukh’s ladylove decided to go glamorous yet comfortable for the late night celebrations. She wore a sheer white dress with a pink bra. Actor-director Sohail Khan’s wife and Gauri’s close friend, Seema Khan shared several pictures of the group including Gauri from the birthday party. The butthurt trolls spammed the photos with most derogatory comments for the celebrated interior designer.

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She was slut-shamed and age-shamed left, right and centre for donning her choice of clothes. Gauri was ridiculed by both men and women. It is disappointing to read comments by several female users who are so severe on their own gender. There were several messages ‘reminding’ her that she belongs to a respectable family and is a wife and mother. Such advanced level of judgmental netizens would make you ponder which hole they are hiding in when a man strips himself naked to show off his abs and torso. It is high time, this poisonous hypocritical behaviour ends.