So you have had one too many drinks and a bad hangover is killing you? The main reasons people feel so terrible after drinking too much is because you are dehydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic, so when you consume too much, it leaves you feeling dehydrated. One of the most tried and tested trick to get rid of a hangover is to drink plenty of water in between the alcohol. But if are already suffering from a hangover, here are few hangover remedies to help you post the New Year celebrations.(ALSO READ: Woah! Now you can open beer bottle without touching it!)

You could drink a big glass of milk or some pickle juice. Milk will definitely calm your stomach. Or you could try drinking pickle juice, it will help you replenish electrolytes and sodium level. This is one of the best hack to get back without suffering from a hangover. All you need to do is chug down the pickle water of cucumber preserved in brine solution of salt and water.Have a banana,peanut butter or pop some vitamin B and vitamin C pills. Tell us which is your favourite hangover remedy? (ALSO READ:How to get rid of your hangover in time for work)