Mumbai: The next time you take a shortcut and leap across a railway track in Mumbai, be prepared to meet ‘Yamraj’ (the Lord of Death). However, this is not your conventional Yamraj, because instead of taking your life away, he is there to save it!

The awareness campaign is the brainchild of the Western Railway, with an aim to deter people from walking on the railways tracks. Started on November 6, the drive was conducted at crowded stations like Andheri & Malad where many cases of trespassing have been resorted. Pictures posted on Western Railway’s official Twitter handle show a man dressed as ‘Yamraj’ carrying people off the railway track and bringing them back onto the platform.

As per reports, trespassing on tracks has accounted for 19,781 deaths in a decade in Mumbai and at least, 700 people died because of trespassing in the June itself.


“Do not cross the train tracks in an unauthorized manner. It can be fatal. Those who cross the train tracks in an unauthorized manner will find Yamraj in front of them. In Mumbai, people are being made aware through the character of Yamraj by the Western Railways in association with RPF,” Ministry of Railways said in its caption in Hindi.

Members of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) have taken on this responsibility of dressing up as ‘Yamraj’ to educate passengers on trespassing and its implications.


People on social media have praised the campaign and lauded the Railways for coming up with such a creative solution


Earlier, Bengaluru Police and Gurgaon Traffic Police had also started similar campaigns and sought the help of ‘Yamraj’ to create road safety awareness.