We have all heard of scary stories but we never really believe until we have experienced a paranormal event ourselves. You may have felt a chill or the thought of a scene from a scary movie consumes you mind leading you to believe something that might not really be there.

Should you be scared of ghosts? We are not but we always fear what we do not understand and the afterlife or the spirits stuck in between our world and moving on to the afterlife are our projections of ghosts. Be it haunted castles or a spooky road near a hospital which has a bad reputation, you always fear the fact that your prejudices against ghosts could be broken by an undeniable feeling.

A little girl is seen playing with her daddy’s iPhone. She is singing along to some song which is not the point. The point of contention is that she was alone in her bedroom when she may have hit the video record button and without knowing, she ends up recording the reason for her cute humming to turn to shrieks of fear. Click on the video below and keep your eye on the foot of the bed to notice what happens without any explanation.