The Minions are always seeking ways to fulfill the needs of their despicable bosses and help them dominate the world. It seems that a plan has gone horribly wrong for the adorable yellow Minions. The Minions might be working from the north and going south as the incident took place in Ireland.

An enormous inflatable Minion came undone from its cables holding it down and floated away. The Minion balloon of preposterous proportions flew into traffic near the city of Dublin. A picture taken by a driver is the reason we can even believe that the story is real. Another image shows the Minion being inflated before it broke away from the control of the owner and went onto the road.

Erin Van Londen told The Journal that the Minion was as high as 40 feet tall. The police were able to catch up to the Minion and release the air to subdue the mischievous Minion balloon. There were no injuries but a driver got his car’s outside rear view mirrors dislodged.