Giant pandas are instantly recognizable as a species, but their uniform black and white markings make them fairly anonymous as individuals. Researchers in China have found out a wonderful way to keep pandas cool in summers. To help them cope with the rising temperatures in Chengdu, staff members have hung up huge ice cubes in their air-conditioned enclosures.

Giant pandas have thick fur which becomes difficult to be in temperatures higher than 28 degrees Celsius. According to CGTN, this method of using ice cubes has charmed a lot of visitors. This, however, is not the first time that the Chengdu Research Base has delighted its pandas with ice cubes. Last year too, pictures of pandas playing with giant ice cubes went viral on social media.

Watch the viral video here:


Recently, researchers in China have developed an AI-powered facial recognition app that can identify specific pandas. The app is available at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in southwest China, where visitors will soon be able to use it to identify any of the facility’s dozens of captive giant pandas, and find out more information about them. The app’s creators also hope the software will be a boon for scientists, who can use it to track the bears in the wild.

Chen Peng, a researcher who co-authored the paper Giant Panda Face Recognition Using Small Database said, “It will definitely help us improve efficiency and effectiveness in conservation and management of the animals”.