Oxford Street, one of the busiest streets of London, was brought to a standstill when a giant inflatable balloon installed as part of Lumiere Light festival began moving uncontrollably. The balloon created mayhem in the middle of the busy road. The incident happened during rush hours and the same jammed the traffic.  Soon all the lanes were closed to avoid accidents while workers tried to secure the balloon. Local transport was shut for few hours as the balloon continued to cause chaos. Soon Twitter was flooded with quick reactions on the same. The pictures of the balloon and chaotic road went viral as the ball tangled with Christmas lights.

Cocaine Can be Delivered Faster Than Pizza in London, Researchers Find

Cocaine Can be Delivered Faster Than Pizza in London, Researchers Find

One of the Twitter users commented, “Who could predict that installing a giant balloon above Oxford Circus on the windiest day of the year would go horribly wrong.” Another questioned: “Why exactly is there a giant ball in Oxford Circus? Some people even compared it to Death Star from Star Wars movie and others to lethal white balloon from the TV show The Prisoner. Here are some of the twitter reactions:

The balloon’s pic was captured by many

The installation was wrongly timed

Many were clueless

Jokes erupted soon

Here is one of the videos

The rush hour was bad Londoners

The lethal ball from The Prisoner?

For the Lumiere London fest (which started in 2016) artists create artworks that light up public areas. The event will take place from January 18 to 21. Installations will be erected in several areas including the West End, Westminster, King’s Cross and South Bank. What are your views on the same? Let us know in the comments below.