Young kids tend to lie to their parents to escape from their rants or sometimes, simply thinking that they are big enough to handle everything on their own. The latest case that shows the same is from Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar area where a young girl who’s a first-year student at Delhi University lied to her father fearing his wrath after he video called her to know her whereabouts.

She tied herself and sent a fake video to his father on Whatsapp pretending to be kidnapped by a few men. The father, who panicked after receiving the video, took the help of the police. After spending a night at a friend’s place, the girl returned to her home the next day and told everyone that she escaped at night when her kidnappers were sleeping. The police tried to dig the story which made the girl confess that she had staged her kidnapping to escape the harsh words of her strict father who would have scolded her badly for bunking her college.

As per a report in The Indian Express, the girl was seen shouting ‘Mujhe Chhor Do’ in the video that was sent to her father’s phone. A case was registered under IPC section 365 (kidnapping) and the girl’s phone was put on technical surveillance. The report quoted Vijayanta Arya, DCP (North West), saying, “Teams were formed to look for her. On Monday, her parents received a call from a passerby in Old Delhi’s Ballimaran that their daughter was crying on the street. She had asked the man to call them. (Later) She couldn’t point out the location and said that at night when the men slept off, she escaped. When she was prodded a bit more, she confessed that she had made up the story,”

The girl left her home in Adarsh Nagar to attend classes at the north campus of Delhi University. However, she bunked the classes and went out with her friends to Purana Qila, which is situated near Pragati Maidan. During the college hours, when her father made her a call, she lied being at the university. This made her father make a video call to her. It was then that she freaked out and one thing led to another.

Kids do crazy things but sometimes, things go over the board and out-of-hands. Your thoughts on this?