Molestation cases and violence against women are on the rise and even though there are many hue-and-cries about the fact that women are not safe in the country we get to hear cases where the fairer sex is always the victim. Recently a woman was masturbated at in a Mumbai local train which left a lot of Indian people fuming with rage and seething with anger but now once again another shameful act has come to the fore. A girl was molested by a passenger at the Churchgate local station in Mumbai on Saturday July 15, 2017. The lurid act was caught on the CCTV footage and the man was nabbed when the girl cried for help and other passengers came to her rescue and nabbed the perpetrator.

The man was caught on the CCTV footage camera touching the girl inappropriately at the Churchgate local station in Mumbai. The accused is a minor. Thankfully this time the other passengers did not remain mere spectators but came to the poor girl’s help and caught the man who accosted the woman. A police official said, “The accused in a minor and has been arrested by the Police. He has been sent to the juvenile court.” Man Masturbates at Girl in Mumbai Local, Threatens to Rape Her & Police Helpline Laughs Off The incident? Read Horrifying Post

Watch the video here:

A woman constable took hold of the 15-year-old accused and took him to the police station where later his parents were summoned.