A man in England had a rather eventful Tinder date all thanks to a woman who was rather adventurous. The young girl got stuck in a window as she tried to grab her poop in the man’s washroom. Go ahead, read it again. The girl who was on a tinder date decided to show off her amateur gymnastic skills on just the wrong day, and the fire crew had to be called to rescue her from between the window. The fire crew had to destroy the window to get the girl out, and the guy (Liam Smyth) decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to get his window back and share his story as well. The story has since been circulating online and might just be the most bizarre date experience we have ever seen.

A girl met her Tinder date at the Nando’s in Bristol and was they were having a jolly good time. Liam Smyth took the unnamed girl back home where she needed to use the restroom and took a nice poop. However, she returned back in a panic ridden state and told Liam the most bizarre story ever. When the girl tried to flush the toilet, she realised that it was clogged or broken and her poo turd sat at the bottom of the toilet. So instead of using a toilet brush to fix the drain or just leave the poop and inform Liam, she decided to fix the problem in the most unexpected way. The girl picked up her poop from the loo, wrapped it in tissue paper and threw it out of the window.

Weird but sorted right? Except, Liam had one of those two pane windows, and the poop got stuck between the two glass panes instead of landing outside. When the girl confessed about this rather unusually and utterly crappy issue, they went to the washroom to try and figure out a more sensible solution. However, the second idea was just as weird as the first one. The amateur gymnast told Liam that she could grab the poop from the top of the window. So they opened the window, and the girl grabbed for her poop with Liam’s help.

While they finally got hold of the wrapped up turd, they could not get the girl out of the window gap. After trying for 15 mins, Liam finally called the fire department who came to the rescue (for real). The girl was removed from between the windows in 15 minutes, but the window was obviously ruined in this whole adventurous process. So genius Liam has started a campaign to get new windows and has already received more than 2005 pounds. Clearly, the date did not go as planned, but hey at least they got a story to tell!