Christmas 2016 is just around the corner. The festival is celebrated on December 25 every year worldwide to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. In India, and especially in Goa, Christmas is celebrated with much fervor by all, with unique Goan recipes on the occasion for Christmas sweets and cakes. The word ‘Christmas’ is derived from the old English word ‘Cristes Maesse’, which means the Mass of Christ. Jesus Christ was a spiritual leader whose precious teachings formed the religion of Christianity. Jesus was born to Mother Mary in Bethlehem around 2000 years ago. He was born in a manger, as his parents Mary and Joseph were poor. Mother Virgin Mary was engaged to Joseph, when miraculously she conceived through the Holy Spirit, foretold to her by an angel. Further, the angel said that the name of the child would be Jesus and he was the Messiah, the son of God. ALSO READ: Christmas Cards Ideas: Easy DIY ideas to make beautiful Christmas cards! 

It is said that December 25 was chosen to offset the Pagan celebrations of Saturnalia and Natalis Invicti. The sacred day is the start of the Christian liturgical year, which initiates the 12 days of Christmastide. The occasion ends after the 12th night and is celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians. The Bible contains two accounts which explain the birth of Jesus Christ. One can find these accounts in the Gospel of Matthew, which includes Matthew 1:18, and the Gospel of Luke, specifically Luke 1:26 and 2:40. On Christmas Day, people exchange gifts and share sweets and cakes. People go to church and sing carols. At midnight, most churches hold special mass for devotees. Santa Claus – a popular character in Christmas brings a lot of gifts for children! ALSO READ: Christmas Carols: 10 Best Christmas Carols & Songs to celebrate this joyous festival!

Here’s a list of yummy Goan delicacies, which you can prepare and give a special treat to your loved ones on the occasion of Christmas!

1. Bebinca:

This dish is the yummiest! Each layer is baked separately and caramelized. This is one of the traditional dishes of Goa and is full of goodness. The Bebinca is soft, prepared with sugar, ghee, flour, egg yolk and coconut milk; sometimes served with almonds and ice-cream. We bet you cannot resist this Goan delicacy!

2. Dobol:

A thick pudding made up of coconut, jaggery and rice flour, This is yet another dessert which is made in Goa during Christmas.

3. Baath (Coconut Cake):

Baath is a coconut cake, which is quite rich in texture and made from freshly grated coconut and semolina. This dish is prepared in each and every Goan home on the eve of Christmas!

4. Serradura:

A Portuguese dessert made from sweetened, vanilla whipped cream and serradura. The word Serradura means sawdust which is basically crushed tea biscuits (usually Marie biscuits are used). Goa has a strong Portuguese hangover.

5. Kulkuls:

This dish is quite crunchy, as it is sugar coated, and very delicious to eat. Kulkuls are golden brown sweets that will satisfy your sweet cravings completely!

6. Cocada:

It is a coconut cookie which is unique – crunchy from outside and soft from inside! Vanilla is the secret ingredient in this dish and it gives an incredible taste if served with hot chocolate!

7. Perad:

One of the best dishes of Goa which is made up of guava cheese. The reddish brown colour gives it the perfect look and the aroma leaves us wanting for more.

8. Coconut Ice Squares:

Coconut Ice is again a unique sweet delicacy made on the occasion of Christmas. This easy-to-make dessert consists of sweetened condensed milk, icing sugar and dessicated coconut along with food colour.

9. Channa Doce or Channa Doss aka Doce de Grao:

The Doce de Grao, known as Channa Doce or Channa Doss in Goa is made up of coconut and gram, coated with sugar and dry fruits on the outside with a gooey centre inside. It is one of the traditional dishes made in Goa and is popular.

10. Patoleo (Turmeric Leaf Cake):

The Patoleo (Turmeric Leaf Cake) is a unique dish, filled with stuffing of Goan coconut jaggery, powdered cinnamon as well as fresh grated coconut. This is one of the healthy dishes made during Christmas as also the monsoon season in Goa. It is also prepared by the Hindus as Patoli during Ganesh Chaturthi in Goa.

Do share with us what dish you made for Christmas 2016 and also share some new recipe ideas! Merry Christmas 2016! (Send in your viral stories and pictures to