Cigarette companies in India have been issuing the ‘Smoking Kills’ warning with extremely disturbing pictures of cancer patients in an anti-smoking drive. However, the cigarette packs of Gold Flake have been using the picture of international footballer John Terry. The ‘smoking kills’ warning on Gold Flake cigarettes made Terry the unwilling face of cancer in India and the footballer finally found out about it, years after the picture was first used. John Terry shared a picture of the pack with his photo on his Instastories and expressed his anger on the whole issue.

The famous footballer was infuriated on finding out that his picture has been used for almost a decade as the man who is affected by cancer. Terry expressed his anger at being posed as a cancer patient in the cigarette pack and wrote, “Disgusting from this company Gold Flake using my image on their cigarettes. I hate smoking.” Indian fans who noticed this incorrect use of the image have expressed their distress over the picture time and again and were finally relieved that the Terry noticed the picture.

The picture finally reached John Terry

The cigarette company was questioned

After all this time

Several fans of the footballer shared screenshots of the Instagram Story by John Terry and highlighted that the legendary footballer has finally noticed his picture being used in a wrong way. While issuing anti-smoking ads is a necessary move, using random pictures of people to show cancer and its effects have been looked down upon by many. Many netizens have also taken to tagging the company that manufactures Gold Flak cigarettes, ITC and highlighting the issue that has left John Terry fuming.