It was 1990’s when we had our few favorite TV shows and we all used to dedicate our time to those shows by being glued to the television. One such epic show was ‘Antakshari’ which used to air every Friday evening. The show started airing on television from the year 1993 and had 15 seasons. The show was hosted by Annu Kapoor where he used to amuse us with Shayari and Bollywood music trivia. Over the period of 15 seasons, Annu Kapoor was joined by ladies such as Pallavi Joshi, Durga Jasraj, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Renuka Shahane and Shefali Chhaya.

Interestingly, the show which was the brainchild of Gajendra Singh is making a comeback in a new and modern avatar and the idea is to engage the viewers across the country with the help of digital technology. According to the reports, it is still uncertain on which channel the show will air but it is expected to go on air in the next two months. The hosts of the new modern version of the show will be a younger face who will be able to connect with the viewers. There have been talks that actor-comedian Sunil Grover, actor Hina Khan are among others who have been approached to host the show but there is no confirmation on the same.

The original show has three teams—Deewane, Parwane and Mastane and there used to be three rounds—Prelude, Dhun, and Remix. The show was about testing the knowledge of the Hindi Bollywood music in the contestants. In the new version, the theme of the show will be the same for the nostalgia connection but the makers will throw new rounds that will appeal to the younger generation.

In the show, contestants were supposed to sing the song and finish the song by pressing their hand on the buzzer. Whichever team used to press the buzzer first, that team got the chance to finish the puzzle. Antakshari was popular music reality game show in 90’s. The show was concluded in the year 2005.