Coming as a mid-week surprise for users, search engine Google gave up another Easter egg this week, or so we would like to believe, as the search bar recreated the iconic scene from megastars Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra‘s 1975 movie, Sholay.

Even 40 years down, the dialogues from the movie are reiterated by movie buffs in day-to-day activities and their joy knew no bounds when Google took part in their game hands-on. For the uninitiated, on typing the words, “कितने आदमी थे (Kitne aadmi thae? ‘How many men where there?’),” in the search bar, the results open up a calculator with the answer ‘2’ indicative of the famous scene in Sholay where the villian Gabbar grills his dacoit army. The calculator with its answer is followed by other searches linked to the scene and other dialogues from the classic movie.

Google answering Gabbar Singh’s epic question from Sholay (Photo Courtesy: Google Homepage)

Revolving around the die-hard friendship of Jai (Amitabh Bachchan) and Veeru (Dharmendra), who laid the foundation of serious #friendshipgoals, Sholay is the story of two ex-convicts who are hired by the handicapped Thakur Baldev Singh to help nab the village’s infamous dacoit Gabbar Singh, who has spread havoc in Ramgarh.

On a related note, iconic Bollywood actor Mac Mohan, who reigned hearts with his role Sambha in Ramesh Sippy’s film Sholay, is still remembered for his roles on the silver screen. Now, his daughters Manjari and Vinati Makijany are all set to make their debut in Bollywood with a feature film on skateboarding titled Desert Dolphin. Manjari and Vinati are excited about making an entry in the Bollywood as writer-director and co-writer-director respectively.