Google is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with a doodle today. The fall of the Berlin Wall signifies a peaceful revolution that signaled the simultaneous end of the Cold War and the beginning of German reunification. As per the history goes, winds across Europe was changing as new leadership in Russia, Poland and Hungary had hoped from East Germany to end the 28 years of strict travel restrictions.

During the press conference, a government official’s statement gave the wrong impression that East Germany would be allowing free travel between East and West Berlin. Within hours, a massive crowd gathered at the wall, outnumbering the border crossing guards. The officer in charge of the Bornholmer Street checkpoint gave the order to open the gate.

The news spread rapidly and 2 million Germans crossed the border. While some toasted the new era others began dismantling the wall.

Berlin-based guest artist Max Guther said, “he fall of the Berlin wall deeply impacted not only me but all Germans and Europeans. I don’t belong to the generation that witnessed the birth of this historic anniversary, but the reunion on this day will always continue. Personally, this topic means a lot to me and I hope that there will never be another moment that I or anyone else has to live in a country with border walls locking people inside or keeping people outside.”

The Doodle depicts a couple embracing the wall that has been pulled down from the middle. Google said, “Erected on August 13, 1961, the barbed wire and concrete edifice had long divided East and West Berlin. By the same token, its demolition triggered a series of events that led to the reunion of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic.”