Marking 25 years of the fall of Berlin Wall, Google has come up with a Google Doodle featuring moments of the past and present. The video shows how by bringing down the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 it ended 30 years of division in Germany thus reuniting Germany. The reminiscents of the wall was later shipped to various countries including Russia, South Korea, Spain and Argentina reminding people of the fight and pain undergone for a better future.

The building of the wall was an overnight process on August 12, 1961 in an attempt to separate the East Berlin which was communist controlled  from the West Berlin. The video shows how people brought down the huge slab of wall which separated them from their friends and family. People who woke up the next day was shocked to see them separated from the other half of the country.

Germany is today celebrating the freedom they received 25 years ago. Celebrations are going on in the country which will include concerts and a huge open-air party at the Brandenburg Gate by Chancellor Angela Merkel. To symbolise the fall of the wall, white balloons will be released later in the day. More than million visitors are in the country to witness the celebrations over the weekend.