Marga Faulstich is being honoured as Google has dedicated a Google doodle to this pathbreaking glass chemist. The doodle is marking her 103rd birth anniversary as she was born in 1915.

She was born in Weimar in 1915 and trained as a graduate assistant at Schott AG, a leading manufacturer in Europe.

Check it out:

She was known for developing more than 300 kinds of eyeglasses and holds more than 40 patents even today. She worked at the Schott Glass Company for 44 years and was also the first ever female to work as an executive for them,

She received the IR100 award from the American Research Council for a lightweight lens in 1973 called SF64.

The doodle shows drawings of many lenses and Faulstich trying on two of them. It’s interesting to note that her research was also used to manufacture sunglasses and anti-reflective glasses. After clicking on the doodle one can see the earlier concepts of the doodle made by Sophia Martineck to celebrate the accomplished Marga Faulstich. It shows many pairs of eyeglasses, lab equipment and Marga, either wearing eyeglasses or testing the lenses.

She made huge contributions to glass chemistry and apart from this developed a melting pot that could withstand high temperatures.

She took retirement after working for 44 years and then took time to travel to different countries. She died aged 82 in 1998.