Google Doodle: Paul the octopus predicts the result of the FIFA World Cup 2014 Belgium v/c Algeria match

Today’s Google Doodle is a very artsy rendition of the late Paul the Octopus who was considered the most famous psychic who chose the FIFA World Cup 2010 match winner from a big aquarium! So, to catch a glimpse of Paul returning from the dead on the homepage of Google is very special indeed.

And Paul the Octopus deciding between the two teams Belgium and Algeria, the highlight of today’s FIFA World Cup 2014 fixtures, adds a dose of humour.

Paul was an animal oracle who predicted the results of football matches in Germany. He came to worldwide attention when he made some accurate predictions in the FIFA World Cup 2010. The live broadcasts by German news channels had given him a celebrity status and he even had a website to his credit, before he passed away.

Check out the special Google Doodle dedicated to the predictions of Paul the Octopus for FIFA World Cup 2014!