New Delhi: Today, Google is honouring the legacy of celebrated Scottish scientist Mary Somerville with a doodle.

She was a groundbreaking Scottish astronomer who was the first woman to be published by the Royal Society of London on February 2, 1826. It became the first paper by a female author to be published in the prestigious Philosophical Transactions, the world’s oldest science publication.

Somerville was born in Jedburgh, Scotland, on 26 December 1790 and spent her early years helping her mother with chores before she was sent to boarding school for a proper education at the age of 10, where she taught herself astronomy and mathematics.

Dedicating a doodle to her, Google said it wanted to honour “recognise her immense contribution to science and her determination to succeed against all the odds”.

Somerville also authored The Connection of the Physical Sciences in 1834 which became one of the best selling science books of the 19th century.

Later, her work revolutionised the understanding of the solar system at the time and helped astronomer John Couch Adams to discover the planet Neptune.

Not just that, Somerville was also a vocal advocate for equal rights and the first person to sign the 1866 women’s suffrage petition.