San Francisco: To make it safer for walkers who want to avoid dark streets at night, Google Maps is reportedly working on a cool new feature to highlight brightly lit streets. The new functionality aims to make your night time travels safer, by helping you avoid streets with poor or no lighting.

According to XDA Developers, an Android development community, the new feature called ‘Lighting’ will highlight those streets with good lighting with a yellow colour. The feature was discovered in an APK teardown of the beta version of the app.

The company has not disclosed when the feature will roll out to the public and currently, there is no information on which countries will first receive the Lighting Layer. In addition, it is not clear if the feature will be available worldwide, or limited strictly to specific regions.

However, multiple reports speculate that it may be rolled out in India first, in response to the spate of recent brutal attacks and rapes of women which have made headlines in the country.

Meanwhile, tech experts are also wondering how Google will gather information about street lighting conditions and and how it will be able to keep that information updated as lighting fixtures are added to streets, or if they get broken.

But if all works well, this feature will certainly be a great boon, not just for women but also for tourists and people unfamiliar with certain routes.

Back in June too, Maps had introduced a ‘Stay Safer’ feature in India which notified users if their driver has strayed away from the expected route.