Hapur: A video is going viral on social media, in which a senior government official’s SUV in Uttar Pradesh is seen running over vegetables of a farmer at a state government-run market.

The incident which has attracted widespread criticism, happened on Saturday at a market in Hapur district when Sushil Kumar, the secretary of the market, went on a surprise anti-encroachment drive.

As per NDTV, the farmer was allegedly selling vegetables without permission and had spread out a sheet at the market. As seen in the video, Kumar’s white SUV is seen repeatedly running over and over on the sheet, entirely crushing the vegetables.

As per locals, Kumar’s driver was driving the SUV, while the officer was nearby in the market.

“We have told them many times not to sit on the road and instead, sit at shops. We’ve also said that those who don’t have shops can apply for a license and we will process it,” the officer said.

After watching the video, the official said that he reprimanded the driver on the spot and asked him “not to do such things.”

Meanwhile, people on social media haven’t taken this lightly and criticized the official for his arrogance and high-handedness. People have pointed out that even if the farmer was selling vegetables without permission, he shouldn’t have been subjected to such cruel treatment.

Many also condemned the wastage of vegetables that belonged to the farmer.