A 38-year-old woman was seen at a metro station screaming and allegedly holding severed head of a child. She was heard yelling at top of her lungs that she was a ‘terrorist’. This shocking incident took place near Oktyabrskoe pole metro station in Moscow. The woman named Gulchekhra Bobokulova was dressed in all black and was allegedly heard screaming “I am a terrorist”. She also warned others that she would blow herself up.

She was also seen holding a severed head of a child, earlier in the day, a headless body of a four-year-old child was also found after extinguishing a fire at an apartment in Moscow. Bobokulova is believed to have killed the child and set the apartment on fire. She worked as a baby-sitter for a family in Moscow. As per the statement by police, the woman was reportedly on drugs which was the result of her husband’s betrayal. As soon as it came to notice she was detained from the metro station. Watch the video below. (ALSO READ: WTF! Pune man beheads wife with axe, roams around with chopped head)