New Delhi: Taking the onlookers and guests by surprise, a groom took the sky-way to reach his wedding destination. A video of Akash Yadav gliding down in a parachute has gone viral in social media. The groom, who is married to Gaganpreet Singh, dived from an aircraft to attend his wedding in Mexico’s Los Cabos.

A video of the groom’s flying moment has been shared by an Instagram handle named wedmegood with the caption, “Groom @akaashyadav made a sky diving entry into his wedding and this entry is as crazy as they come ! How are you planning your entry for the wedding?”

There were cheers in the air even as Yadav was still flying. In the video, one of the groomsmen can be heard as saying, “How crazy is this?” Another person responds by saying, “Look at that” as everyone present there can be seen capturing the moment. So far, the video has garnered over 10,700 likes.

Although the groom took the risk of sky-diving to reach his destination, the challenge also laid in the hands of UK-based photographer Zohaib Ali to shoot the all-new entry by the groom, stated a report.