The fashion industry often comes out with bizarre clothing styles and it every time grabs the attention of the netizens. Earlier, it was hipster jeans that went viral and people would wear it and gloriously flaunt their undies. While some are bizarre, some of them are also outrageous. This time, its Sikh turbans aka pagdis that are being sold online by the Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci. They are selling it off for Rs 55,000. Yes, a blue turban that was also worn by a Gucci model at Milan Fashion Week last year is priced at Rs 55,000 on a shopping website named Nordstrom.

Gucci was also called out for using turbans as a fashion accessory during the Fashion Week. Now, the luxury fashion brand is being criticised for selling Sikh turbans online and that too at the hefty price.

Sikh Coalition, an advocacy organisation told NBC News, “The turban is not just a fashion accessory to monetize, but a religious article of faith that millions of Sikhs around the world view as sacred.”

Sikhs from all over the world took to Twitter to express their anger for monetizing the object of faith, hurting religious faith and cultural appropriation.

One user wrote, “This is beyond aggravating. Did someone at @gucci even bother to figure out what a dastaar (turban) means to Sikhs? Did it cross your minds to consider the history behind our identity? My people are discriminated against, even killed, for wearing a turban.” While the other tweeted, “Hey @Nordstrom and @gucci: this is inappropriate! The turban is a Sikh article of faith, not a cute fashion accessory. Considering the amount of discrimination turban-wearing Sikhs regularly undergo, please reconsider selling this product.”

Check out the Twitter reactions:

However, the website Nordstrom has removed the Sikh Turban from their website.