Wait what?! Did I even read that?! If those are the thoughts running through your mind then we’re right with you. This is perhaps one of the strangest and craziest posts we’ve read. While women are often denied jobs in certain rural areas of the country as they are treated beneath men and that kitchen the the home is the place for women. They are not let out of their homes and kept confined to the kitchens. Many times, the women are not allowed to step out of their houses too and even have to keep their face/head covered at all times! It is really pathetic for them!

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But then, for one woman in this part of Gujarat, the situation was completely bizarre! The lady had applied for the post of a Aanganwadi worker in Dang village. She completed all the criteria required for the post of an Aanganwadi worker and she also had worked as a Aanganwadi helper in the same Aanganwadi for 3 years. When the advertisement for recruitment of Aanganwadi workers by Integrated Child Development Scheme was published in 2013, Jhigaben Edait applied for the same. She sent in all her documents, her job application and her experience certificate. However, her plea was rejected.

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The hiring committee rejected her application on the basis that Jhigaben was from the same village that she applied to. She was born in Dang and after her marriage to Laxman Bagul was settled in a nearby village. They said that as Jhigaben was a daughter of the village and not someone who had come there post marriage as a daughter-in-law, she was not eligible. In the exact words of the Welfare Planning Officer, “Gaam na dikri hoi, gaam ni vahu na hovathi” (daughter of the village, not daughter in law.  Completely miffed, Jhigaben moved High Court against this order.

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The High Court heard the case and completely sided with Jhigaben, calling the officer’s attitude completely silly and pointless. Also, the post has been vacant since 2013, when Jhigaben’s application was rejected. So the High Court has ordered that Jhigaben be given the post and the respect she deserved. The court agreed to Jhigaben’s allegation that the behaviour was completely discriminatory and moved Article 15 against them. The government cannot deny anyone the right to a job based on their ancestry or their family roots. The court, completely stumped by the verdict stood by the woman and gave her the job she deserves.

Such strange rules should not apply to anyone and absolutely all deserve a chance at a good job, irrespective of their background, their birthplace or their place of residence!