Manguben Makwana became a mother on the night of June 29, but apart from giving birth to her son what she would never forget is the fact that she gave birth inside an ambulance smack in the middle of the Gir Forest in Gujarat, surrounded by a pride of lions. The 32-year-old woman gave birth to a boy after midnight in the ambulance; a group of 12 lions emerged from the adjacent forest and surrounded the vehicle near a remote village in Amreli district. The paramedic staff of the 108 ambulance tackled the situation with courage and helped Manguben Makwana in giving birth. During her ordeal that lasted for 20 minutes, the pride of lions, including three males blocked the vehicles passage. The woman gave birth in the ambulance surrounded by a pride of 12 hungry lions in Gujarat.

The incident occurred on Thursday June 29 at around 2.30 amwhen the ambulance was shifting Manguben Makwana, from her residence in Lunasapur village to the government hospital in Jafarabad town. Chetan Gadhe, Emergency Management Executive of 108 in Amreli said, “When the ambulance was on its way to Jafarabad with Makwana, the on-duty Emergency Management Technician (EMT) Ashok Makwana realised that she would give birth anytime, as the head of the baby was protruding out. Thus, he asked the driver Raju Jadav to stop the ambulance mid-way to deal with the emergency.” Tiger captured in viral video snuggling to woman’s pregnant belly in US Potawatomi Zoo (Watch)

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While the on-duty Emergency Management Technician (EMT) Ashok Makwana contacted a physician over phone to take directions for the delivery, the lions sensing human presence in the forest emerged from the bushes and surrounded the ambulance. Chetan Gadhe further said, “Though Raju Jadav (driver), who is a local and understood the behaviour of lions, tried to scare them away, the lions refused to budge. Some of them even sat in front of the vehicle, blocking its passage,” EMT Ashok Makwana calmly and successfully helped the woman deliver as per the directions of the physician over the phone and the driver Raju Jadhav monitored the movement of the lions. “Later, Jadav started the ambulance and moved slowly so that lions would give way. Upon seeing the movement of the vehicle as well as the blinking of lights, the big cats eventually moved and gave way to the ambulance,” Chetan Gaadhe said. Single mom shares her professor’s email after she misses class,the response is winning the internet! 

The mother Manguben Makwana and her son are currently admitted to Jafarabad Hospital and both are hale and hearty and we’re sure this incident will be something that Makwana would speak for eons to come and what legends are actually made of.