After the news of filmmaker Karan Johar becoming a parent to surrogate twins, there came the news of a celebrity couple who became proud parents recently by adopting two girls. Popular Indian television couple Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee are now parents to two daughters. According to a report in leading tabloid Mumbai Mirror, the duo has adopted two girls named Pooja and Lata from Jarampur, Gurmeet’s hometown in Bihar. In 2014, Gurmeet and Debina had met Pooja and Lata at a family wedding in Jarampur. Pooja is an orphan who stayed with her uncle, Lata’s father, who also passed away recently. And so, both girls were moved to a distant relative’s place. We also have some other Bollywood celebs who had taken the lead by adopting kids, like Sushmita Sen’s two daughters and Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan and mother Salma Khan adopting Arpita Khan as a kid.

Gurmeet Choudhary was quoted by Mumbai Mirror as saying, “After hearing about their plight from my mother I discussed them with my wife. Debina agreed with me that it was time to give the kids a home, a deserving education and my last name. All the paperwork is done. We will be going to Jarampur for the final signatures after Holi. It is a two-day process.Everybody, including my parents, keep asking me when I’m planning a baby. Well, it’s official now, I’m bringing home two daughters and we couldn’t be more excited.” Gurmeet added that the two girls will not be moving in with Debina and him immediately, as it will be hard for them to adjust to city life. They will be staying in Patna for a year with his brother’s family. “After one academic year, they will shift in with us in our Andheri home by 2018. My brother and his family live in Patna and they will be around to see that they are well cared for. Debina and I will travel to Patna three-four times in the year and stay there through their summer vacation too.”

Here is a list of Bollywood celebrities who adopted kids and inspired the entire world:

1. Sushmita Sen:


Former Miss Universe and Bollywood star Susmita Sen adopted two beautiful daughters, Renee and Alisah, when both were little. She is now a proud mother to her two adorable daughters. After a long legal battle, the actress was finally able to adopt her daughters as a single parent. In fact, Sushmita was one of the first Indian women to adopt children when single.

2. Raveena Tandon:


The popular Bollywood actress was 21 when she adopted two girls, Chhaya and Pooja from a distant cousin. Pooja recently got married and Chhaya works as an event manager. Ravina is a mother to her biological children Ranbir and Rasha.

3. Salim Khan:


Father of Salman Khan, who adopted Arpita and even raised her along with his four other children named Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail, and Alvira. Everyone in their family loves Arpita and she has become the main member in their house.

4. Kunal Kohli:


The actor-director and his former wife Ravina Kohli had adopted a seven-month-old baby girl Radha.

5. Neelam Kothari:


Bollywood actress Neelam Kothari and TV actor Samir Soni got married in 2011. The couple adopted daughter Ahana two years after their marriage.

6. Subhash Ghai:


Subhash Ghai and his wife Mukta Ghai adopted a girl child named Meghna, who is rumoured to be his younger brother Ashok Ghai’s daughter. The couple is already blessed with a biological daughter Muskaan, who was born 27 years after their marriage.

7. Mithun Chakraborty:


The popular actor Mithun Chakraborty got married to Yogeeta Bali in 1979 and has three sons named Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Namashi Chakraborty and Ushmey Chakraborty. Later on, the couple adopted Dishani Chakraborty.

Gurmeet Choudhary got married to Debina Bonnerjee in February 2011. Even though they have adopted the two girls, the young couple wants to have their own kids. Gurmeet told Mumbai Mirror, “The general belief is that you only adopt if you can’t have children of your own. That’s not true at all. Both Debina and I love kids and plan to have a couple of our own in the future. And when they come along they will be siblings for Pooja and Lata and all the Choudharys will happily live together under one roof.” How sweet!