Coimbatore: In a bizarre medical case, a city hospital in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore removed more than half kg of human hair from a 13-year-old girl’s stomach. More shock followed as the doctors also found plastic pieces like empty shampoo packets in her stomach during the surgery.

As per reports, the girl, who is a 7th standard student, complained of severe stomach aches for the last few months, following which her parents took her to the private VGM Hospital in the city.

The doctors at the hospital conducted a scan which revealed a ball like object lodged in her stomach. Doctors initially tried to remove the foreign particles via endoscopy, but decided to operate when their attempt failed.

Surgeon Gokul Kripashankar along with his team conducted the surgery and successfully extracted the hair and the empty shampoo packets from her stomach.

The girl had reportedly started to consume the objects after being upset due to the death of a close relative, which accumulated in the stomach and caused frequent pain.

Meanwhile, as per the doctors, the girl has recovered fully and is normal.