October 31: Who is the most legendary villians of all time? Well that is debatable you might say. But you might agree that the Joker from the Dark Knight is the most intriguing dark character in the world of comics and all of fiction. No wonder then that it’s also the most popular choice for Halloween dress up (barring may be the Grim Reaper). But while you might be able to nail the outfit for the joker, the make up is not so easy to get just right.

You can paint your face in the Joker style, but how do you get the expressions and that chillingly menacing look for the perfect effect? If you are going for the conventional Heath Ledger kind of style, then painting the face might be enough for you, but if you want to recreate the new Jared Leto Joker look, it might prove to be tricky. But it’s not impossible! This make up tutorial by Victor Nogueira is your answer! Also Read: Short Comedic Film ‘My Hot Mom Gandhi’ Touches Upon Sensitive Topics on Halloween

Watch this amazing video as Nogueira transforms him perfectly normal face, to mimic the menacing awesomeness characteristic of the Joker of your (and probably Batman’s too!) worst nightmare. Nogueira gives a detailed step by step tutorial on how to nail those chilling features and the oh-so-creepy smile. Also, pay attention to the lenses that he uses, to mimic the eyes. If you wear this look, then you are sure to attract a lot of admirers from not just the Batman fandom but everyone else too.