Happy Birthday Clint Eastwood: Listen to the 170 greatest Clint Eastwood quotes!

Clinton ‘Clint’ Eastwood Jr. was born on May 31, 1930.He is a legendary American actor, director producer and composer. He credited to a diversity of American movies from the 1950s to the present which included western comedies, action films, dramas and musical. He is not only known for his directorial and acting work but is also a noted composer. He had originally intended to pursue a career in music by studying for a music theory degree after graduating from high school. None the less he tried his hand successfully at everything he could! According to the box office revenue tracking movies featuring Eastwood grossed a total of more than US$1.68 billion domestically, with an average of $37 million per film!

On his birthday we share with you this compilation of Clint Eastwood’s greatest 170 quotes of all time. The quotes are a collective documentation from 48 films and Television show Rawhide. What could be better than reading Clint Eastwood’s quotes? Hearing it from the horse’s mouth! This 10 minute spanning video will let you marvel at all the all the iconic man’s best quotes of all the time!

Watch the video below!