Children’s Day, also known as Bal Diva, will be celebrated on 14th November 2019 i.e. Thursday. This day honors the awareness of people towards the rights, care, and education of children. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru – the first Prime Minister of India was born on 14th Nov and hence on this day, Children Day is celebrated. The day is celebrated on Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday who worked really hard for the well-being of children.

Children’s Day was first proclaimed in 1925 by the world conference for the well-being of children. Soon, the act was accepted in 1954. It is believed that children are God’s precious gifts from the almighty. Chacha Nehru worked great for the well-being education and welfare of the children and because of his affectionate nature towards kids, he was known as Chacha Nehru.

Here is a compilation of best Children’s Day messages that you could send to the children to make the day special for them, or just have a read and reminisce your childhood memories.


The sweetest period of anyone’s life is their childhood. A very happy children’s day to all the kids in the world. Spend this day with unlimited fun!

Children are the flowers from heaven. Let’s make this world a safe and enjoyable place for our kids. Happy children’s day!

What is life without children? Like a world without the sun, moon and stars. Blessed are the ones who have children. They are the little angels of God, Happy Children’s Day!

Let’s join hands on Universal Children’s Day…to make this world a safer and beautiful place for the little ones! Happy Children’s Day

We may be your teachers but we also have a lot more things to learn from you, especially, how to laugh with all your hearts. Happy children’s day!

Children Are the Most Precious of God’s Creations. They spread the fragrance of love wherever they go and spread joy and happiness in every season, handle them to care and love. Happy Children’s Day!

Children carry the hopes for our brighter tomorrow and the dreams of our happy future. Wishing a very enjoyable day for children all over the world.

May the innocence in their smiles and the purity of their hearts stay forever unfaded. Wishing a joyful children’s day to every kid in the world!

God loves every child so much that he creates each one of them with unimaginable perfection. Truly, children are blessings from heaven. Happy children’s day!