Holi, one of the most awaited Indian festivals, marks the beginning of spring. Hence also known as the Spring Festival, this ancient Hindu festival symbolizes good beginnings, happiness and fortune. Holi falls on a full moon day in March and is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. The fest welcomes and embraces bright sunny days and everyone rejoices at the new season’s arrival. (Read: Holi 2015 Special: Bhang, Puran Poli –  Top 6 traditional delicacies to enhance your taste buds!)

The Story of Holi and Holika Dahan

On the eve of the festival of colours is the Holika Dahan or fire puja day. This year, it falls on March 5. We have heard the story of Holika during our childhood. Holika was the evil sister of King Hiranyakashipu who had a boon that no one could ever destroy him. Due to this powerful boon, the king became too arrogant and started treating himself as God. Hiranyakashipu wanted everyone to worship him but his own son Prahlada worshipped Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu tried to kill Prahlada and asked his sister Holika to help him burn his son to death. But Lord Vishnu protected Prahlada, and Holika was burnt to death instead. The story teaches us that good will always win over evil. (Read: Holi 2015 Special: Top 4 savour homemade delights on Holi)

With Holi, the colourful festival just round the corner on March 6, we bring to you some of the best WhatsApp messages that you can consider sending to your loved ones on the occasion. Send the coolest messages, power packed with warmth and compassion just to wish them a wonderful and prosperous Holi. Welcome the Holi festival with lots of colourful gulaal and of course, the delicious drink Bhang Thandai!

Wish you all a very Happy and safe Holi 2015! It’s time for all of us to begin a life which is full of purity, knowledge and wisdom. On this auspicious day, we have a long list of best SMSes for this day. Holi Re Holi, Rango Ki Holi!

Whatsapp reads: Auspicious Red Sunkissed Gold Soothing Silver Pretty Purple Blissful Blue Forever Green I wish you and your family is blessed with the most colourful Holi!

Whatsapp reads: Lal, gulabi, neela, pila hathon me liya samet, Holi ke din rangenge sajni, kar ke meethi bhent

Whatsapp reads: Pichkari ki Dhar, Gulal ki bauchar, Apno ka pyar, Yahi hai yaaron holi ka tyohar. Happy Holi!!!!

Whatsapp reads: Rangon se bhi rangeen zindagi hai humari, rangeeli rahe yeh bandagi hai humari, kabhi na bigde ye pyar ki rangoli, aye mere yaar aisi HAPPY HOLI


Whatsapp reads:  Dipped in hues of love and trust has come the festival of Holi. Happy Holi!!


Whatsapp reads: Celebrating the colors of our beautiful relationship, I wish you and your family all the bright hues of life. Have a colourful holi !

Whatsapp reads:  A touch of green i send to u. A drop of blue to cool the hue. A tinge of red for warmth & zest for a colorful HOLI! Happy & colorful Holi

Whatsapp reads:  Red 4 prosperity. Green 4 happiness, blue 4 longitivity, orange 4 progress, pink 4 friendship. May u be blessed with all shades of Holi

Whatsapp reads: Bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs are the ingredients of perfect Holi. Wish you a very happy and wonderful Holi

Whatsapp reads: May God gift you all the colors of life, colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love and all other colors you want to paint in your life. Happy Holi

Whatsapp reads:  A true and caring relation doesn’t have to speak loud, a soft sms is just enough to express the heartiest feelings. Enjoy the festival of Holi with lot of fun

Whatsapp reads:  Best wishes to you for a Holi filled with sweet moments and memories to cherish for long. Happy Holi!

Whatsapp reads:  If wishes come in rainbow colors then I would send the brightest one to say Happy Holi

Whatsapp reads:  Bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs are the ingredients of perfect Holi. Wish you a very happy and wonderful Holi

Whatsapp reads:  Gujhia ki mahak aane se pehle, Rango mein rangne se pehle, Holi ke nashe mein hone se pehle, Kisi aur ke kehne se pehle, Hum aapse kehte hain, “Happy Holi” sabse pehle.

Whatsapp reads: Rang barse bhige chunar wali, rang barse o rang barse bhige chunar wali..rang barse, are rang barse bhige chunar wali..re! Ab ghar jao nahi to jukham lag jayega.

Whatsapp reads: If wishes come in rainbow colors then I would send the brightest one to say Happy Holi.

Whatsapp reads:  Khuda kare har saal chand ban k aaye Din ka ujala shan ban k aaye Kabhi dur na ho apke chehre se hansi Ye Holi Ka tyohar aisa mehman ban k aaye

Whatsapp reads: May God bless you with: Colours of Joy; Colours of Love; Colours of Happiness; Colours of Friendship;
And all other colours you want to paint in your life. Happy Holi!

Whatsapp reads: Fortunate is the one who has friends and family to immerse in colours with. Have a joyous Holi filled with love, colour and happiness!

Whatsapp reads: Let’s make a bonfire of our negativty and bring a colour of positivty into our life. Wishing you health, wealth & sheer happiness on this Holi. Happy Holi!


Whatsapp reads:  Holi is the time to unwind, de-stress and bond with sweets, Thandai and colours. Come let’s rejuvenate by immersing ourselves in the colour of joy, happiness and laughter! Happy Holi!

Whatsapp reads: God has been very kind to give us different colours of life so that we may enjoy ourselves as humans to the fullest. May you enjoy the colours of Holi!

Whatsapp reads: Let’s play and celebrate Holi without any worry; And let it bring out the child in us and enjoy and cherish this colourful festival. Happy Holi!

Whatsapp reads: Lift a bucket; Fill the balloons; Just aim it right; And throw it with vroom! Have a colourful Holi

Holi can be best enjoyed with family and friends. Spread the Holi good spirit and bring a smile to your dear one’s faces, share joy and welcome the festival. Hope this Holi  brings to you a magical touch of various treats and pampers you with a lot of colours and good food! Enjoy and don’t miss this opportunity of sending warm wishes to your near and dear ones. Happy Holi 2015 to everyone out there and cheers! Holi Hai! (Edited by Shweta Parande | Image Credit: Jyoti Desale)