Kiss Day, one of the most popular days from Valentine’s week is right here. On this day, couples grab the golden opportunity and kiss each other to express their true love and adoration. The gesture of kissing has been universally accepted and reflects the feeling of love towards your loved ones. So, try this gesture of love and make this day one of the most memorable days of your relationship. Kiss of love is one of the most delicate gestures passed on to someone whom we trust.

So, try these different techniques of kissing and make your partner feel that he/she is the most important person in your life. Most of all, everyone loves to kiss and wants to feel loved and pampered. On this day, we have listed out various types of kisses which will surely help you out on this day. Happy Kiss Day and it’s time to go Mwahhhhhh! Here are types of kisses which would drive your lover crazy:

Butterfly Kiss 

Butterfly Kiss is a type of kiss which involves a lot of closeness, as this involves touching the eyelashes of your loved ones. Before you try this type of kiss, don’t forget to blink your eyelashes a bit faster just to act like a butterfly.

Hand kiss

In a hand kiss, you raise a person’s hand to your mouth and lightly kiss their fingers, knuckles, or the back of their hand. This type of kiss is traditionally a gesture of courtesy or respect, particularly from men towards women, though it can also be used to express affection. In some Middle Eastern countries, including Turkey, hand-kissing is a customary way for people to greet elders, particularly close relatives such as parents and grandparents.

Neck kiss

The neck is a particularly sensitive area, and many people find it a turn-on when their partner kisses their neck, especially near the nape or on the side of the neck. This type of kiss is often part of a make-out session, combined with French kisses and kisses on the lips.

Ear kiss

Just like neck kissing, some people find ear kissing to be a turn-on, particularly focusing on the lobe. Add this type of kissing to your make-out repertoire, if you or your partner is into it.

Forehead Kiss

Forehead Kiss is one of the most romantic kisses which symbolizes deep affection. There are many couples who are really fond of forehead kiss as this is this type of kiss that shows the deepest implications of love and trust. Forehead kiss simply means that he/she is comfortable with you. Forehead kiss is soft and full of elegance. This type of kiss makes one feel really safe and it indirectly shows that your partner cares for you and does not want to lose you at any cost.

Lip to Lip Kiss

One of the most gentle and romantic forms of kiss is when your partner kisses you on your lips. Lip to lip kiss starts a bit slowly and then becomes really romantic. In this type of kiss, passion plays a key role and one needs to learn perfect techniques to become a master. And hope you don’t forget imagining something wild along with kissing.

All Over Kiss

The second last type of kiss is that which actually starts from forehead and actually never ends. One of the most sensuous types of kiss, it helps in igniting the chemistry between two people. Before you actually begin with this kiss, don’t forget to be aggressive while kissing.

French Kiss

One of the most popular, romantic and passionate kisses is the French Kiss. French Kiss is all about when a person’s tongues extend to touch each other’s lips or tongue. Apart from just calling it a French Kiss, people also call it the Tongue Kiss. French Kiss is one of the easiest kisses but takes a lot of practice to execute. Full of passion, this kiss implies that your partner is just really into you. This kiss is the most erotic type of kiss which leads to more seduction and physical intimacy.

Hope this list has helped you do let us know which type of kiss is the best? Happy Kiss day 2020!