New Delhi: The day of Lohri is finally here! Celebrated with great enthusiasm and spiritedness, Lohri is a very popular harvest festival, celebrated majorly in the North of India. Many people believe the festival commemorates the passing of the winter solstice and marks the end of winter.

The joyous festival that celebrates the new harvest, is celebrated with bonfires and dance. Friends and family enjoy feasts and sing folk songs and dance bhangra around the fire as they make offerings of jaggery, sesame, peanuts, puffed rice and popcorn to the fire as well. Apart from this, kite flying on Lohri is popular in Punjab.

Lohri holds special significance for the newly-married couple or the new-born child in the family as family members and relatives gather together to celebrate their first Lohri.

Here is how Twitterati including celebrities, poured their wishes on this festival:

Actor Akshay Kumar wrote on Twitter, ”Wishing you all a very #HappyLohri. May this joyous occasion bring happiness and prosperity to you and your family”.

Here’s wishing a Happy Lohri to all!