The new year is upon us and many of us must have plans for new year eve’s party with family and friends. While some prefer partying out with friends, there would some who would spend time with families at home. On new year’s eve, people drink, have a feast, kiss loved ones and watch fireworks when the clock strikes twelve. And these are most common and usual traditions that many of us follow to mark the advent of the new year. But apart from these, there are many quirky customs that are followed by people across the world to ring in the new year.

Happy New Year: Welcome 2018 By Sending These Inspirational Quotes to Your Loved Ones

Happy New Year: Welcome 2018 By Sending These Inspirational Quotes to Your Loved Ones

Yes, from smashing plates to throwing furniture to gifting coal, there are many quirky new year customs that are designed to bring in luck and prosperity. We have compiled a list of bizarre traditions followed by people on new year’s eve that will surely make you go OMG!

Spain: Eating 12 grapes


This may sound weird to many but in Spain, at the stroke of midnight, Spaniards eat grapes. This unusual custom is timed with a sound of the bell. Yes, one has to stuff grapes, one for every sound of a gong. As per legend, all 12 grapes signify 12 months of the new year and if you eat all of them then you will have a successful year ahead.

Latin America: Wear colorful underwear


In many Latin American nations like Brazil, Mexico and Bolivia, the color of your underwear will determine what kind of year you will have. As per old traditions, red will bring love, yellow will lead you to wealth and white will bring peace.  In Turkey, red panties are gifted each other for good luck.

Chile: Graveyard camping


On New Year’s Eve, in Chile, families spend the night in the company of their deceased loved ones. Yes, this is a relatively new tradition of celebrating with their ancestors. The same involves sleeping at the graveyard. It started when a family jumped over the cemetery fence to spend New Year’s Eve with one of the deceased family members. There is a belief that the same brings peace to the soul.

Denmark: Smashing Dishes


This Danish New year’s eve tradition is very bizarre. They follow the custom of throwing unused plates and dishes affectionately against neighbor’s front doors. As per the belief, bigger the pile of broken plates the more good luck you will get in the coming year.  There is another way as well of welcoming new year that is jumping off chairs.

Scotland: Gifting coal


In Scotland, the first person who enters the home by crossing the threshold on new year should bring the gift of coal (mostly for the host’ fire) for good luck. As per Scottish folklore, first footing tradition brings in good fortune. Ideally, this gift is accompanied by other gifts like salt, shortbread, whiskey and bread bun.

Throwing furniture, dropping a dollop of ice creams and burning scarecrows are some other famous but weird customs followed. These new year’s eve traditions from across the world are bizarre but they are wonderful as well. So enjoy your last of day of the year with great zeal with various customs and celebrations to welcome the near year. What are your views? Let us know in the comments below.