Today’s New Year’s Day doodle is the fourth and most probably the last part of the series. And the jumping purple elephants are back to ring in the new year. Google celebrated the last day of 2018 with two purple elephants blowing up balloons and chomping on popcorn, Today’s illustration shows the elephants rolling and jumping on a balloon as soon as the clock strikes 12, while spraying popcorn in the air to create 2019. While we tap on the picture, Google says, “Happy New Year!”

While Google’s logo is seen in the banner above the clock with one letter each in the semi-circular streamer, the wall clock itself marks the second ‘o’ in ‘Google’. A sharing option is seen in a red-coloured symbol on the top right corner of the doodle, allowing you to share the same on your Facebook account, Twitter handle or simply through your electronic mail.

On clicking the doodle, the page links you to the celebrations and preparations being done across the world ahead of the New Year.

This year, Times Square events began at 6pm and culminated with a performance by Christina Aguilera just before midnight, at which point a blizzard of confetti was accompanied by an obligatory fireworks display.