New Year is observed every year on January 1. It is the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar. In countries like the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the United States, January 1 is a national holiday. New Year’s Day is also an important celebration for cultures which traditionally use calendars other than the Gregorian.

In certain countries, the day is not just believed as a night of parties but has references in certain cultures and traditions too. Fireworks and light show are major attractions that add colours to the evening.

Here are the Hindi messages you can send your loved ones on the stroke of midnight:



WhatsApp reads: Har baar jab bhi naya saal aata hain, hum dua karte hain ki aapko iss saal bhi woh sab miley jo aapka dil chahta hain. Naya saal aapko Mubarak ho!


Facebook Status: Iss naye saal me, aapki har muraad poori ho aur bhagwan aapka daaman dher saari khushiyon se bhar de-in duayon ke saath, aapko naya saal Mubarak ho!


WhatsApp reads: Naya saal aapki zindagi me khushiyan, aur saphalta le aayen-ishwar se yahi prarthna karte hain. Naye saal ki bahut bahut subhkamayen.


Facebook Status: Koi dukhi na rahen, koi udaas na rahe, kissika dil na toote, bus pyar hi pyar duniya me bhara rahen-kaash yeh saal sabke liye aisa hi ho- meri taraf se aapko naye saal ki dher sari subhkaamnayen.


WhatsApp reads: Naya saal, nayi ummeeden, naye vichar aur nayi shuruwat-bhagwan Karen aapki har dua haqeeqat ban jaye! Naye saal ki bahut bahut subhkamayen.


Facebook Status: Meri dua hain ki aapko aanewale saal me 12 mahine khushiyan milen, 52 hafte kaamyabi miley aur 365 din mazedar rahen-naye saal ki dher saari shubhkamnayen.


WhatsApp reads: Khushiyan rahen aapke paas, gham nahi, kaamyabi rahen aapke paas, nakamyabi nahi, sab kuch acha ho aapke sath, bura kuch bhi nahi. Dua karte hain iss naye saal me aapki har dua poori ho. Naya saal Mubarak ho.

According to mythology, New Year’s day was dedicated to Janus, god of gateways and beginnings in the pre-Christian Rome under the Julian calendar. It is from the name of Janus that January originated. The day also has references in various cultures and religions. With various mythological references, the day was believed to be a religious feast until the 1900s.