Shahrukh Khan fans are in for a treat while Salman Khan and Aamir Khan fans should stand clear of Happy New Year. The film is all about Shahrukh Khan’s packs of abs, Deepika Padukone’s Marathi accent and the crew that enters a dance contest to try and pull off the biggest robbery of their lives.

There is emotion, drama and romance in the film but even if you squint and try really hard, you will not get any kind of logic in the film. The film is also an ad film for Dubai tourism and how the badly the crew is put together to pull the job off.

There are legitimate attempts to make it a really entertaining film and the spoilers in the video will surely make you cringe with agony and ask yourself why this film was even made. Roping in SRK and Deepika is a sureshot to pool their fans towards the theatres but what about the quality of films that people with brains seek? Watch the video review of Happy New Year which is, dare I say, better than the film because of the spoilers.