Say hello to the youngest ground reporter from Haryana who covers waterlogging and rainfall like a pro. Not only does she give the complete picture of the situation, but she also gives a voice to those affected by it. She lives in Kurukshetra and is a schoolgirl. After her video went viral on Twitter, netizens hailed her as the upcoming journalistic talent.

Heavy rains lashed Delhi NCR, Kurukshetra and some parts of Haryana today leading to waterlogging and heavy traffic. The cities have been witnessing humid weather since morning and the temperature dipped to 27 Degrees Celsius. The viral video shows a young schoolgirl reporting on waterlogging in her place after heavy rainfall has left many people amazed.

Shared by Twitter user Chiguru Prashanth, the clip features a girl walking on a street flooded with water and acts as a reporter on how people are dealing with the situation. “In Haryana schoolgirl from #Kurukshetra is reporting live during rainfall from her neighbourhood about the waterlogging problem. I hope her voice will reach to the authorities @cmohry @mlkhattar. No doubt she has outsmarted all TV journalists in her stint!”, reads the tweet.

Watch the video here:

Netizens are amazed by the spontaneity of this aspiring Haryanvi reporter and are requesting news channels to hire.

Earlier this year, a Kashmiri schoolgirl had become an overnight sensation after reporting on snowfall from Shopian.


This girl’s humour and charm may bring back the honesty that the profession needs.